Ability to set up multiple projects


When there’s no factory in location one is allowed to craft only one item per project, and that’s fair. So when I say want to cook ten dishes, then I have to open the menu ten times, ten times switch to an appropriate section, ten times choose the ingredients and ten times click “craft”. Adding to that the way the menu can reload during the process and how long one needs to wait to be able to access the menu it’s a pain in the ass. And even if everything worked smoothly it still would be a pain in the ass.
I think it would be awesome if one could also choose the amount of projects to set up. Each of them would craft one item, but I wouldn’t have to repeat the clicking process ten times.


Perhaps we could get a way to repeat the last project we set up, if the same resources are available? You would still have to click it ten times, but you could be spared a lot of clicks and loading times.

Another option would be for us to be allowed to save a certain number of projects that we could start easily from a “quick project” menu, or something like that? I believe this is mainly a thing that would be used for cooking.


Well, it wouldn’t really solve the problem while doing stuff like say refining metal. It would still require a ton of clicks, plus I really need to wait quite long before I can reset the project, so it wouldn’t really make things faster.