A way to make relationships to the gods more special/"easier"


I’m not entirely sure how easy this may be to implement in the grand scheme of things, but I think it could enhance the game.

I have, and have seen many, religious characters with a close relationship to their gods however based on personal experience it doesn’t seem to be that special of a relationship in some cases due to the limited communication between them. So what I suggest is a god given item to those ‘chosen’ by the gods (eg, the priests, priestesses, clergy, etc) that lets them receive messages from their god so there’s an easier way to facilitate that special relationship without needing several hours of Nyx’s time spent on direct RP. To be clear this isn’t meant to replace prayer, rather it’s for characters appointed by the Gods as religious figures. Basically, it would allow more godly involvement, make those relationships seem more special, while hopefully not increasing Nyx’s workload beyond the godly amount she already does.