Goal Met: Racial Abilities (9)

I’m kicking off suggestions from the community on what they think would be cool ideas for a race-specific ability for each of the different races. There is no need to work out balance here or debate about how it should …

Current Considerations (Discord) (2)

I’ve compiled a list here of the suggestions written down from discord conversations in the past to share it with everyone in case they have any comments on them. These features are not scheduled to be developed, they ar…

Suggestion - Count down timer until next attack can be made (1)
Suggestion - Full container indication on character (1)
Suggestion - Spending hides (1)
Suggestion - In-character Gambling (1)
Suggestion - Character creation handicaps (1)
Animal Attributes And Affections (1)
Suggestion - Connector/Hallway rooms (1)
Suggestion - Continent in the sky (2)
Pet rant (1)
Suggestion - Stone Variants of Dishes (1)
Suggestion - Editing notes from inside books (1)
Suggestion - Structural Benefits (1)
Suggestion - IC Status for Being OOCly Away (1)
[Added] Suggestion - Knocking on locked doors (4)
Suggestion - Project sorting (3)
Whispers on mobile (1)
Progress bar percentage (1)
Suggestion - Terrain/Biome combat bonuses (4)
Some Racial Ability Suggestions (1)
Suggest - Vehicle/animal Hopping (1)
Suggestion - Detaining Option for Guards (5)
Suggestion - Disguise/Obscure appearance (1)
Patreon Rewards (2)
Description suggestion (2)
Actions Unique to Children (6)
Skill Books (2)